New York-style bagels handcrafted in the heart of historic Pittsford, NY sold from the front of a bicycle.

Our Philosophy

At Bagel Bike our mission is to provide you with the tastiest, freshest bagels with the lowest environmental impact. By selling our bagels locally by bike, we contribute zero emissions and zero noise pollution in our community.

We love the historic fabric of Pittsford, and by being outside, selling bagels from the front of a bike, we hope to contribute to and celebrate Pittsford’s vibrant, historic streetscapes while supporting and complementing the other local businesses that we love in our village.



A 5-year old

“You make the best bagels I’ve ever eaten in my whole life!”


A 2-year old

“Dis bagel GOOOOD.”


A 70 year old with impeccable taste and many years of bagel-tasting under his belt

“The bagels are perfection.”


A 36 year old with self-control problems

“Please don’t tell anyone I just ate four bagels for breakfast.”


Noah B., 10 years old

“These are the best bagels.”


Harvey G.

“They are a top notch, high quality product...outstanding!”


Dennis C.

“The bagels were sooooo good. We just moved from Long Island and I have to say your bagels are better than any we’ve had there.”


Sarah H.

“Your bagels are outstanding. My son said that even his college friends from New Jersey would approve.”


Jessica W.

“Just wanted to let you know that they were all DELICIOUS! Best I’ve had!”


Janice L.

“Easily the best thing I’ve found in Pittsford Village!”