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My name is Brooke, and I founded Bagel Bike in 2018. Bagel Bike grew organically as extensions of two of my great loves: biking and baking.


Nourishing someone with something I made with my own hands gives me immense joy--a joy that is similar to the feeling I get biking around town, chatting with neighbors and feeling immersed in our community.


Bagel Bike was launched with the support and encouragement of my five favorite bagel-testers: my husband, two sons, and mom and dad. With their support and all my amazing customers, Bagel Bike keeps on a-rollin’.

Meet Bagel Bike


The Baker

An urban planner with 12 years of experience working in community connectivity and humanscale design, Brooke also has experience volunteering and leading urban farming and cycling initiatives. Her idea for Bagel Bike is a celebration of community, streetlife, and fresh, local food options.

The Taste-Testers

Brooke lives with three bagel-loving guys. They are the inspiration and support behind Bagel Bike; they are the partner helping read through regulations and licensing, they are the little people wrapped around her legs asking when the bagels will be ready to eat.

The Bike

We bought our used 14-year old Danish cargo bike in 2016 from a family in Boston who brought it from England and we have been enjoying it for toting around all manner of kids and cargo. Now that the kids are getting bigger and starting to ride on their own, it’s time for a new life for this beauty: and Bagel Bike is born.

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